Nurses leaving Canada doubled in the last five years amid health-care crisis

October 28, 2022

Samantha White, our managing partner, was interviewed on why Ontario nurses are moving to America on CTV.

“Even the full-time permanent roles are paying a good $15-$20 more than what you would make in Canada, and then the sign-on bonuses, $10,000, $20,000, assistance with housing and relocation — all of that is typically part of the package,” said Samantha White with Intellistaff Medical, a Toronto recruitment firm.

White said she has seen a major increase in Ontario nurses looking to move south in the last two years, especially since the passing of Bill 124, a law that limits wage growth in the public sector to one per cent a year for three years.

“It’s a lot more lucrative than it is up here in Canada, specifically Ontario, where you’ve seen the rates not go up because of Bill 124,” White said. “It’s definitely been rising over the last two years for sure.”

You can read the whole article  and watch the video at CTV Toronto.


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