Accomplishments Following Placement

March 8, 2024

Jonathan Barrett, RN, BScN

From Newfoundland to South Carolina: A Journey of Nursing Fulfillment with IntelliStaff Medical

By: Jonathan Barrett, RN, BScN

Working as a nurse can be a very fulfilling and worthwhile career choice for those who are ambitious, passionate about learning, or even those who want to see new parts of the world. IntelliStaff Medical has helped me launch my career as an Emergency Room nurse working in South Carolina as a newly minted RN from Newfoundland, Canada. Since working with the amazing recruiters at IntelliStaff Medical they have helped me with the process of obtaining my nursing license in the United States and finding an amazing hospital to work at to build my nursing experience. I have also been able to further my education with specialty courses offered through my hospital. Being able to take the education I already had and build on this is an important professional goal for me.

Since moving to and starting work in South Carolina a year ago, I have achieved many things both professionally and personally. Professionally I have gained another year of experience in emergency medicine seeing different types of medical issues than I would have not commonly encountered at home, including the treatment of pediatric patients. Since starting to treat pediatric patients I have become more comfortable and competent in this area which I feel has made me a better nurse. I have also been fortunate enough to be offered courses specific to treating emergent, trauma and pediatric patients with abundant support from my new hospital. IntelliStaff Medical did an excellent job at pairing me with a hospital and department that recognized I am passionate about being able to provide the best possible care to my patients whether through providing resources needed to ensure excellent patient care, supporting me through furthering my education, and providing an inviting environment to work in.

Another part of the success I have been fortunate to have would be my personal success. The people where I have moved have been very kind and welcoming. I have been lucky to make some very good friends where I have gone and am looking forward to seeing more of this country as time goes on with them! Since moving I have also been able to enjoy the weather here in South Carolina all year round with no snow. Coming from Canada this is definitely a big but good change. One of the things told to me frequently by IntelliStaff Medical was ‘the world is your oyster’ and they certainly helped me with making the most of this.

I look forward to what else is to come with my placement through IntelliStaff Medical. Working as an Emergency Room nurse in the United States has by far been one of the most exciting, eye opening and educational opportunities I have had so far. Aside from the professional potential it is so nice in the spring of the year, summer and fall to be able to easily access concerts, road trips or even enjoy a pool or beach day.

Jonathan Barrett


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