Job ID: #4482
Title: Travel Nurse Practitioner in Rural Northern Canada
Location: Rural, Alberta, Canada
Postition: NP: Nurse Practitioner
Job type: Travel
Experience required: 3 years
Looking to take on something new?  Has the idea of working as a Travel Nurse Practitioner ever crossed your mind?  Perhaps you are already doing this, or maybe you’ve done it in the past and the time is right to have another go at it.  This is a unique opportunity!
Many of our clients in remote and capacity-constrained locations in northern Canada are looking to put together pools of Nurse Practitioners to work in their communities on contract assignments.  The length of the engagement would largely be up to you!  This could be a one-time contract, but they could be open to this becoming a regular rotational assignment as well.  We have a unique opportunity to propose contracts that fit with your needs.
In terms of the types of experience they are looking for, most of the locations would be considered rural and remote.  Therefore, they are looking for backgrounds in primary care, family care or experience in an ER setting.
Compensation would be very competitive (it has to be in the current market environment), and travel and accommodation are part of the package, but we have some room to be creative here as well.  Reach out and apply, and let me know when you can chat!

Top 5 reasons to work in Northern Rural Canada

  1. Immersive Nature Experience: Living in rural northern Canada offers nurse practitioners unparalleled access to pristine wilderness and breathtaking natural landscapes. From towering mountains to vast forests and shimmering lakes, the region provides abundant opportunities for outdoor adventures such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. For those who appreciate the tranquility and beauty of nature, this environment serves as a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

  2. Unique Cultural Experience with Indigenous Communities: Rural northern Canada is home to diverse Indigenous cultures, each with its own rich traditions, languages, and histories. Nurse practitioners have the chance to immerse themselves in these vibrant communities, gaining valuable insights into Indigenous healthcare practices and perspectives. Building relationships with Indigenous patients can also enhance cultural competence and deepen understanding of holistic approaches to health and wellness.

  3. Professional Growth and Challenge: Working in a remote setting presents unique professional challenges that can foster growth and resilience in nurse practitioners. Limited access to resources and specialist services requires healthcare professionals to adapt and innovate, honing their clinical skills and problem-solving abilities. This experience can be incredibly rewarding, allowing nurse practitioners to make a tangible difference in the lives of underserved populations while broadening their clinical expertise.

  4. Close-Knit Community Atmosphere: Rural northern communities often have tight-knit social networks and a strong sense of camaraderie. Nurse practitioners who choose to live in these areas can enjoy a supportive community environment where neighbors look out for one another and relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. This close connection with the community not only enhances job satisfaction but also provides a sense of belonging and fulfillment beyond the workplace.

  5. Escape from Urban Stressors: For nurse practitioners seeking respite from the fast-paced urban lifestyle, rural northern Canada offers a peaceful and tranquil setting. The slower pace of life allows individuals to reconnect with themselves and prioritize self-care amidst the serenity of the natural world. Whether it’s watching the northern lights dance across the sky or enjoying the silence of a snow-covered landscape, living in this remote region can provide a much-needed escape from the stressors of modern living.

Benefits of Working Through IntelliStaff Medical:

  • Boutique level of service for registered nurses.
  • One-to-one relationship with experienced nurse recruiters.
  • Travel and housing assistance.

About IntelliStaff Medical:

At IntelliStaff Medical, we don’t just place registered nurses, we help dedicated healthcare professionals achieve their dreams and goals by connecting them to meaningful work in exciting places.
We do that by never losing sight of what’s important – people. Our team is passionate about providing our registered nurses and our client facilities with an exceptional, white-glove experience. We have national and global reach with robust service delivery, and we provide the one-to-one attention you’d expect from a boutique firm.

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