An entirely positive experience collaborating with your organization.

Jonathan, RN, BScN

Everyone I spoke to there was knowledgeable and helpful. I would not have been able to be where I am today without IntelliStaff Medical and it has set me up for success while working abroad in the United States. Samantha White has been absolutely phenomenal and helped me every step of the way; from helping […]


IntelliStaff Medical was very helpful throughout the whole process (Visa application, Interview, Moving, etc). They were very easy to reach and responded quickly to my questions and when I needed extra help.


IntelliStaff Medical is very easy to work with. All of the nurses are excellent.


The company is very easy to work with they try to profile the nurses to meet our needs. These nurses are excellent, they are very competent, and they have the best attitudes.


The recruiter Samantha is just Fantastic pleasant and I love working with her.


I had an awesome experience with IntelliStaff Medical. They gave me the necessary support when I needed it most and worked with me all the way to till the end.


IntelliStaff Medical is very patient and professional.


The agency has great staff who are helpful at all times.


The staff help you throughout the process and communicate promptly. Easy to reach when I had questions.


IntelliStaff Medical is made up of a great team. They are committed in what they do and keep to their words. They ensure you are supported every step of the way. They always have time for their clients no matter what time or day. Their nurses remain their priority. They are indeed the best.


IntelliStaff Medical has been so helpful throughout the entire process. Anything that came up was addressed and resolved. Information/process was upfront and transparent.


My experience has been very positive, and I really appreciate all the time you’ve spent creating and maintaining the relationship, not only with us consultants, but with the client as well. Convincing people to take the leap and work in one of the most remote locations in the world can’t be easy. I appreciate the extra time and effort that you have put […]


It has been an excellent experience. I find IntelliStaff management very professional, cooperative and caring. They demonstrated great working relationships with all stakeholders.


Absolutely positive! IntelliStaff performs their part of the business relationship incredibly well, allowing me to concentrate on the client work and not the next contract or accommodation issues. I am completely satisfied with the contract and IntelliStaff. Previous recruiters did almost nothing for me.


IntelliStaff has been a pleasure to work for. Very good, straightforward and honest. I find them well-knowledged about their client and quick to respond to my questions.


Positive – very professional with open communication.


Quite awesome! They are very supportive and enthusiastic. They work hard to remove roadblocks that have occurred, and I appreciate their efforts. Housing was a big challenge, and they found an ideal solution.


Excellent, one of the best I have worked with since starting in this field in 1992. Open communications, with transparency. Fully responsive to requests, issues and changes. Have already recommended this agency to many colleagues and professional contacts – and will continue to do so.


They’ve been flexible as to when they speak to me and have been upfront with me about what it’s like to work in the Arctic.


They have been very accommodating; good working and stress-free environment.


My experience has been very positive. They engage with me frequently and really care about their consultants more than most staffing firms I’ve worked with do.


I worked with IntelliStaff for almost three years, and I had a great experience with them. They take good care of their resources, especially Julie and Sam, they met with me in person to get feedback and to address any issues.


They have been professional and persistent with follow-up.

Samantha is, simply, the best boutique recruiter I’ve worked with. She invests effort in building long-term working relations with both clients and candidates, and is definitely talented at finding exceptional people! She has been our partner for many years now, and I’m proud to lean on her when we need to augment our team.