Everyone I spoke to there was knowledgeable and helpful. I would not have been able to be where I am today without IntelliStaff Medical and it has set me up for success while working abroad in the United States. Samantha White has been absolutely phenomenal and helped me every step of the way; from helping me, getting myself organized, she listened to what I had to say and asked for when looking for the perfect fit for me and did wonderful when finding me the job I have now.

I would and will recommend IntelliStaff Medical to any Canadian nurse I know that would consider working in the United States. I found IntelliStaff by fluke on a google search one day, your company and people are second to none and it needs to be better known! No other company that I tried to work with prior to IntelliStaff was nearly as helpful or knowledgeable of the process of helping people like me that want long-term solutions as opposed to strictly short-term travel contracts. I passed the contact information of your company on to my graduating class of nurses and have one of them coming to work with me.

The hospital I am placed at is astounded at the quality of nurses IntelliStaff Medical has provided them with to the point they have asked me to stay with them far beyond the length of my initial IntelliStaff arrangement and they are honouring the package that IntelliStaff worked hard to get me aside from the housing allowance I get to keep the wage, benefits and health insurance your company lobbied for me to have. I would also like to give my sincere gratitude for Samantha White and I am happy to say I know her and have had the pleasure of working with her.